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Ringtones we often hear when smartphone phones receive SMS, Whatsapp, or other calls. There are various kinds of SMS, WA ringtones that are set from the manufacturer, some use ringtones that sound funny, whether they sound like small children’s voices, often sounds like animal sounds and so on.

Various kinds of funny ringtones generally live to be downloaded from the web and automatically installed on the gadget and just adjust to the tone in SMS, WhatsApp, or incoming phone calls.

Here are some funny ringtones that you can download funny ringtones to your cellphone:

WA ringtones owned by someone usually have a very monotonous sound. That’s why some people prefer to use other interesting ringtones. They can get it from the app or it can be downloaded.

By doing so, ringtones from WA can be varied and interesting. Sometimes the ringtone can sound so funny or unique that many people like it. Moreover, it can be used for free.

If you want to get new WA ringtones to make this application more interesting, see the full article below. You will know where to download the ringtone or application you are using.

WA Ringtone Download Site

If you want to do the process of downloading WA ringtones by using several sites. Try using some of the sites presented below.

1. Audiko


The first site that can be used to perform the download process is called Audiko. This site can be used to download various types of ringtones ranging from local ringtones to foreign ringtones.

There are lots of ringtones that can be obtained for free without having to register first. You just need to go to the site by searching using Google. After entering it, you can directly download it.

This site provides a lot of ringtones or ringtones that can be downloaded for free. You can also search for various types of ringtones if the desired tone is not available on the front page.

2. Zedge

If you’ve used a Symbian phone or Java phone a few years ago. You must be familiar with this one site because it is often used to download ringtones and also to download games.

Although currently mobile phone users are mostly using Android or iPhone, this site is still running well. You can access it directly using your cellphone and open it via a browser.

There is a huge collection of ringtones available there and all of them can be downloaded for free. You only need to enter the site using a browser, always download the songs one by one as desired.

3. Ringtonezzz

This site is devoted to those who are looking for various types of ringtones or ringtones. You can immediately listen to the ring here easily without having to go through the registration process.

When you will use this site you can do the search process directly. Usually you can do a search by entering the name of the song or you can also enter the name of the artist.

You can download various types of ringtones or ringtones for WhatsApp that are available on Android phones or iPhones. So if you want to use anything, it won’t be a problem because you can still do the preview process.

4. Mob.org

Not too much can be given by this site because in general it only provides various types of ringtones. But you don’t have to worry about this site’s corals providing a very large and complete collection.

The ringtones here are usually classic ringtones or there are ringtones that will not emit song lyrics. However, these ringtones are of such high quality that they are liked by many and are used for WhatsApp.

If you are interested in using this site, try doing a search on Google. Then you can directly enter here to search for the name of the ringtone you want and then download it directly.

5. Audiosparx

Getting quality ringtones is not an easy job. There are indeed many sites that are used to download ringtones or ringtones, but not all of them provide quality ones.

If you want to have quality ringtones, try using this site first. There are lots of quality ringtones so you can choose the one you like.

If you still haven’t thought about what kind of ringtone to use, that’s fine. You can preview the process first to get what you like.

6. Apps Zoom

In general, this application is almost the same as what has been discussed above. After using this application you can easily download various types of rings.

Ringtones are not only used by Android phone users but also iPhone users. So whatever type of phone you use, you can download it quickly and easily.

One thing to note if you want to use this site is to pay attention to the title. Apart from that you like having to pay attention to the preview to know if the ringtone is appropriate or not.

WA Ringtone Application

In addition to using the direct download method from the site. You can also use this ringtone application for WA easily. Here are some applications that can be used.

1. Notification Ringtones by Mimisoft

This application can be obtained directly by accessing the Playstore with the same name. You can get it directly with a size that is not too big.

After doing the installation process you can go straight into it to download the ringtone you like. Most of the ringtones in the app are free to use so you can choose the best one.

2. Funny Sayings

These ringtones have very interesting and sometimes funny sounds. It’s not surprising that so many people like it. Moreover, the fast download process can be done quickly.

Some of the ringtones sound in Indonesian and some use a foreign language. The tone that comes out is very funny and when used for ringtones will sound very interesting.

3. Zedge

In general, this application has almost the same functionality as the site previously discussed. There are so many ringtones that can be downloaded for free so there is no need to register.

In addition, you can also download various other types of media such as wallpapers easily. This application is officially available on the Playstore so you don’t need to download the APK first.

4. Ringtone untuk Android by Peaksel

The last application that is also available on the Playstore is Ringtone by Peaksel. This application has almost the same function as the three applications discussed above.

There are lots of ringtones that can be used for free or downloaded directly. All ringtones can be directly saved on the Android phone that is used.

Tips for Downloading WA Ringtones

There are several tips that must be done if you want to download WA ringtones. Check out the full method below.

1. Choose Quality Initial Audio

The first tip that you really have to do if you want to download WhatsApp ringtones is to choose a quality original audio. The point of this statement is that you must use an MP3 file with a high kbps resolution.

This needs to be considered carefully because usually files that have been cut will experience a decrease in quality. If the original file doesn’t have high quality, it’s likely that the audio will also be messy.

That’s why you have to prepare quality first. Files can be obtained from DVD and uncompressed. That way you can get the perfect cut without any gaps at all.

2. Do a Trial First

When you are going to use an application or site that is used to cut MP3s into ringtones, you have to do a trial process first. This trial is done to find out whether the results are really good or not.

A trial can be done by trying to convert one of the MP3 files that you really like. After that, you can immediately try to cut the part that will be used as a ringtone slowly.

After successfully performing the cutting process, you can also convert to reduce the size or keep using the same size. After that it can be directly used for ringtones.

Choose a ringtone that has a fairly high sound quality. If the quality is good enough then it can be used again if you want to do the conversion process. On the other hand, if the result is bad, it is better to avoid it.

3. Use App Version Only

Some people have more fun using an app than using a platform on a website. This is done because you don’t need to do the conversion process online and wait for the internet.

The application used is an application on a computer or PC so that it can be used offline. So whenever you need you can directly convert and cut MP3 files.

As long as you have a good internet network, the internet is connected to a computer or cellphone, you want to use any method, it doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you can make the most of it.

4. Pay attention to the file size

When going to make cuts, try to pay attention to the size of the file first. By doing that you can find out whether the WA ringtone file is of high quality or vice versa, which is not of high quality.

That’s why before doing the download process you can check the file size The higher the file size, the higher the quality obtained, making it perfect for ringtones from WhatsApp.

Last and not least is paying attention to the original size of the file. As long as the original file is quality, the output size will usually follow and the quality will be.

5. Type of Service Used

A service from an application that is used to cut MP3s into ringtones with good quality. This site not only provides free or free services but also provides paid services.

If you only use this application sparingly, it is better to use standard services. On the other hand, if you often use this application, it is better to use the premium version because the quality of the results will be high.

The price of these services varies from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. So before using it you have to prepare a budget first. So when making payments there will be no problems.

How to Make WA Ringtones

Sometimes the ringtones that have been provided don’t match your expectations so you choose to make your own ringtone. To make it, you can follow the method below.

1. Use the MP3 Cutter Application

The first way that can be done to make WA ringtones is to use an application on an Android phone. The application that can be used is an application similar to an MP3 cutter or an application to cut MP3.

By using this application you can cut various types of audio as desired. One of them is to cut the chorus which is usually very liked by many people.

By using this application you can perform the cutting process automatically and quickly. You can even do the preview process first to get the most appropriate MP3 audio file.

2. Use Site Converter

The next way to get the best ringtones from WhatsApp is to use a converter site. This site can be used to upload long MP3 files.

After doing the upload process, then you can immediately choose which part to cut and which part will be saved. After that the process will run automatically.

When using a converter site, it is recommended to use only your cellphone when cutting audio files. So once it’s finished cutting it can be directly saved on the cellphone and used to change the WhatsApp ringtone.

3. Using Laptop/Computer Applications

Several applications to perform the audio editing process are also found on laptops or computers. By using this application you can make the conversion process easier and faster.

The most important thing when using this type of application is to always consider the quality of the output obtained. That way the results to be obtained can be more perfect and will not cause you to feel disappointed.

Furthermore, some of the applications that can be used for editing are paid and some are free. Before using it, it is better to use a free application because the function and quality will be the same.

4. Self Recording

The last way that can be done to get WhatsApp ringtones is to do the recording yourself. This recording process can be done using a microphone that is owned or to the studio.

Usually someone makes their own ringtone that is very similar to the sound or it can be in the form of a guitar strum. If you use this method, the processing of the audio must be done properly so that the sound does not break.

In addition, when doing the recording process it must also be done in a place that is not too crowded. By doing so there will be no sound coming in or sound leaking so the quality of the ringtone will be good.

WA ringtones can be made varied as long as someone knows how to do it properly. By using the method discussed above, you can immediately download various types of audio that are very interesting and unique.

In addition, you can also use several applications that will give you some ringtones for free. The most important thing if you want to use this WA ringtone is to always pay attention to quality.

Do not let the quality of the ringtone that will be used is very low. If the quality is low then when there is an incoming message or a call the voice will sound normal or even sound very bad.